Courteville Business Solutions PLC.
Courteville Business Solutions PLC.

Courteville Business Solutions Plc: 

Incorporated in 2005 as a limited liability company licensed to provide business and financial advisory service to the Nigerian public, Courteville Business Solutions PLC commenced full operation later that year. Since opening its doors to the Nigerian public, Courteville Business Solutions PLC has grown to become one of the most respected and service focused e-business solutions provider in Nigeria.

In 2006, Courteville Business Solutions PLC recognized and seized the opportunities that existed for the Motor Vehicle Administration Documentation (MVAD) and developed AutoReg – a web based business solution.

AutoReg the first of its kind to be developed anywhere in the world address the inefficiency of the Motor Vehicle Administration System and the franchise is currently deployed through our over 5000 processing points.

In less the 5 years of operation, Courteville Business Solution PLC became a publicly Quoted company and in November 2008, with its Operation and Management systems certified to be compliant with International Standards under the ISO 9001:2008 approved standards, CBS became the only company so certified from the Business Solutions Development sector of the Nigerian economy.

In 2011, Courteville Business Solutions PLC changed her name from Courteville Investment PLC. At the heels of this name change came a major re-branding exercise which saw the company emerge with improved service offerings, an aggressive expansion strategy and a vibrant and more industry relevant identity.

Courteville Business Solutions PLC’s primary business has been the provision of e-business solutions to Government and a select spectrum of corporate and individual clients. It employs the best people, processes and technology to offer these services.

The company has grown from a mono product company to be in over 20 states in Nigeria, and in Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, and Jamaica where its presence has been solidly established. Courteville has evolved into a company with a portfolio of multiple solutions and services that cut across various industries ranging from e-government – with the AutoRegTM motor vehicle administration documentation bureau of services, Property Revenue Manager (PRM); to Customized enterprise solutions like NAPAMS, a Regulated Product Administration & Monitoring Solution for NAFDAC & NIID, an Insurance Policies Database Solution for Nigerian Insurance Association (NIA) and the Insurance Council of Zimbabwe (ICZ); Law Enforcement – with the AutoReg InspectorTM remote verification tool. The company also has other services targeted at SMEs and vocational education.

With a staff complement of business analysts, project managers, systems integrators and software engineers, Courteville Business Solutions PLC stands ready to satisfy a broad range of business solution needs that assure increased efficiency and profitability and support your company into the future.

Courteville Business Solutions PLC uses a proven simplistic methodology alongside years of experience to help customers achieve the anticipated return on investment by developing for them business solutions that will optimally drive their business processes.

Courteville Business Solutions PLC is a company that lives true to its vision of ‘touching the lives of every Citizen of the world’.

Courteville Business Solutions PLC’s corporate system is hinged on professionalism, ethics, integrity, and superior customer service. We maintain a culture of excellence and go to great length to deliver outstanding services.

Our competitive work environment encourage our people to learn and understand our corporate culture as well as apply themselves to it in all they do.


To touch the lives of every citizen of the world.


Our mission is to deepen business relationships and to optimize stakeholders’ values. We believe that the relationship with each set of stakeholder is unique and all should be mutual, satisfactory and optimal.


  • The provision of Business Solution products/services that meet both customer and consumer requirements through the use of automated processes.
  • This is done in strict compliance with all applicable regulatory and satisfactory requirements.
  • We are committed to periodic reviews and continual improvement of the company’s Quality Management Systems in order to achieve maximum resource utilization and profitability (benefits).


  • Improving service delivery process with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction.
  • Implementation of quality driven processes capable of responding to the dynamism of the industry.


  • Implementation of a quality management system (based on ISO 9001:2008 Standard) which ensures compliance with customer, regulatory and statutory requirements.