Joseph Iruafemi

Founder of Kobotrack

Mr. Iruafemi is the founder of the startup Kobotrack in Nigeria.

Mr. Iruafemi began developing applications for financial institutions while working at Hypeformance, where he worked on applications for GT Bank, Chapel Hill and GT Homes.

Subsequent to that, he joined Websphere Solutions, where he was involved in projects for Unilever, NAPTIN, Samsung and Pepsi.

He was co-director of the Lagos Chapter of the global accelerator Founder Institute for 2015.

He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Lagos and is an alumnus of Fate Foundation and School of Media and Communications.

My Sessions

Lessons in Artificial Intelligence & FinTech

Oriental Hotel

In this session, leaders from Nigeria and other counties will discuss leadership in financial innovation and technology for Nigeria, including important transformation in artificial intelligence and machine learning.